Celebrate Laplink’s Birthday with FREE Software

UPDATE: We’re extending our promotion! Get PCmover for FREE until May 17th at www.laplink.com/31anniversary

Tomorrow, Laplink will be celebrating 31 years of innovative PC migration, synchronization, file transfer, and remote access software solutions. As a special thank you to all our customers, we’re giving away PCmover Image & Drive Assistant for FREE for just 24 hours.

31st anniversary

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant is the only software that can automatically transfer files, settings, and even applications from an old hard drive or image to a new PC without overwriting anything. Even if your old hard drive has a different operating system than the new PC, there are no problems!

With PCmover, not only do you get full selectivity, but even programs are transferred intact and ready-to-use on the new PC. There’s no need to find old CDs, serial numbers, or keys, and no customization is needed on the new PC. The simple step-by-step wizard guides you through the entire process, making this the perfect tool for people of any age or technical skill.

Also included is our 24/7 Free Transfer Assistance. Gain instant access to a certified PC migration expert over the phone or remotely with just one simple call, all for free!

PCmover isn’t imaging or disk-cloning software; it’s migration software. Instead of transferring from an old PC, PCmover Image & Drive Assistant can transfer from just the hard drive or image. By connecting the old hard drive directly to your new PC, you get an extremely fast migration. PCmover won’t delete anything off the old hard drive, and nothing is overwritten on the new PC.

PCmover Image and Drive Assistant Left

Whether your old computer is functioning or not, as long as the hard drive works, it’s easy to transfer everything to the new PC. Simply connect your old hard drive to the new PC using a Laplink USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA cable, install PCmover, and go! Whether rescuing the contents of an old hard drive or just looking for the fastest possible migration experience, PCmover Image & Drive Assistant is perfect.

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant is a must-have tool. It’s the fastest way to perform a complete migrations, and it’s the best way to rescue contents of your old hard drive – perfect for tech benches and IT consultants! If you’re a user that regularly backs up your PC to an image, it’s the only way to restore that image to a PC with a different operating system.

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant, regularly priced at $39.95, is available for FREE on May 15 at www.laplink.com/31anniversary, along with several other special offers.

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