World Backup Day

March 31 was World Backup Day. It is a good reminder every year that most people do not back up their PC data regularly.


We forget that some of our data is fairly unique: family pictures, financial data , important write-ups, music, and videos. The hardware has become very reliable, but hard drives and PCs (or Macs) do fail. Often the first sign of a failure is too late and the data is corrupted and irretrievable. According to some well-known research, only 6% of users back up their data on a daily basis. Daily backups might not be the answer for most of us, but a regular backup is as necessary as locking your house or car.

Take another look at Laplink DiskImage, an easy tool to create your backup. Moreover, you can create a full backup of your system, allowing you to restore your whole computer in case of a catastrophic failure. Matched with PCmover Image & Drive Assistant, you can even restore your applications, data, and settings to a newer operating system. No other software can offer that. Don’t wait another day!

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