Everything You Need to Know About Syncing

Lifehacker Article Expounds on Syncing Options: We Say, “Look to PCsync.”

With Google Drive being released, there has been a lot of discussion about online storage programs and which ones better allow for syncing files. Is Google going to oust Dropbox out of the cloud-based storage game? Do we have a David v.s. Goliath case on our hands or are these two companies evenly matched?

Intense online-storage battles aside, we’re more interested in how we can help end-users sync their data locally. There are consumers that want to bypass using other companies’ servers or the cloud to store and sync their sensitive data.

The fine folks over at Lifehacker put up an article detailing the different options for syncing files between computers while avoiding storing data online. If someone wants to sync their data without having to upload personal information to the cloud, what can they do? With more and more people today owning multiple PCs and smart devices, the issue of keeping data up-to-date amongst all of them is more relevant than ever.

Luckily there is PCsync. This feature-rich software is both easy to use and powerful enough to cater to whatever your syncing whim may be. PCsync will automatically sync your files and folders between both PCs and Macs. Safety is not an issue as important files are backed-up or replicated. And with Laplink’s patented SmartXchange and SpeedSync technologies, your synchronization process will be crazy fast.

You no longer have to schedule your day around frustrating computer chores like syncing because PCsync lets you schedule automatic sync jobs. That’s why we thought the guys over at Lifehacker forgot one really important sync product, ours! In the coming months we are making sync better than ever.

Have you used PCsync? What do you think?

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