Reminisce #5 – Everyone thought this at the same time

You know it’s true. Every one of you entrantees was thinking what I was thinking on that fateful November day when the contest ended. But this also has special meaning for us. It signified the end of an award winning social media campaign, the first one that any of us had tried. So it was nice to finally kick our feet up and look at what we accomplished. Of course, the contest would have been nothing without you, the contestee! So thank you for being awesome!

I’ve also got to give props to the rest of the Laplink Marketers. While you are usually hearing from me on these posts (Andy Tolton), you unfortunately don’t get to interact with the stellar brainiacs that I get to on a daily basis, and without whom this contest would have never happened in the first place. So a shout out to Neil Minetto, Josh Conley, Ralf Bennett, Creed Cameron(the intern that is flapping his wings back at school), Evan Mann(new intern) and Brian Duimstra(the new web/design guy). Congrats on a job well done!!!

4 thoughts on “Reminisce #5 – Everyone thought this at the same time

  1. Please don’t go! These Laplink contests are so much fun. I will still be a faithful follower even if I do win beautiful Lappy. You people are the best, keep up the great work with all your Laplink software.

  2. We aren’t going anywhere! You can still hear from us all the time! But… The contest will be going away soon, there will be others though!

  3. Always good to see you guys engaging on Social Media. It got boring without you.

  4. I enjoy participating in Social Media these days with several of my tech forms pals. we have quite a bit of fun with giveaways such as the Famous Laptop Giveaway ..
    Thanks Laplink Software !

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