Reminisce #3 – Getting Spied on Isn’t Comfortable…

I’m still not sure how I feel about getting spied on… I still think it was rather rude. But oh well, it made for a pretty sweet pic anyway!

Why did I have to be the one to be spied on, am I the only one that can’t be trusted?? Enough venting, your turn to vent. You had to have liked this one, right?

4 thoughts on “Reminisce #3 – Getting Spied on Isn’t Comfortable…

  1. Lappy does not need to ‘spy’ on anyone, he is already at the top of his profession. With all the cool Laplink software loaded Lappy can just sit back and let the programs do their work. Lappy is just stretching!

  2. @Tony – True, and I wasn’t!

    @Vicki – Hmmm, very interesting take. I LIKE IT!

  3. It’s OK for Laplink to amuse it’s fans with some cool missing picture games to play .

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