Reminisce #2 – Charging the Car

Good thing that lappy has a strong battery. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to charge one of our team member’s car and he probably would’ve had to sleep at the office… Thanks Lappy!!!

Okay okay, you got me… It didn’t actually charge the car. But the special effects are so rad that it kinda looks like it did right? Most Laplink peeps liked this picture the best out of all our pictures from last year, you agree?

4 thoughts on “Reminisce #2 – Charging the Car

  1. Of course. Once i get that lappy i`ll post a picture with my car as well if you want.
    Or from my wedding, the DJ is ready to play in august, he has the music, i`m ready to say yes…all i miss is this lappy! :)

  2. And it is a good thing that you had all the Laplink software installed before using it to charge the battery. Lots of valuable information may have been lost if Lappy hiccupped!

  3. @Daniel – Either one sounds good!

    @Pinky – Very very true, helped a lot!

  4. The pic almost looks like a special effect screenshot capture from a movie flick ! way cool !

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