Reminisce #1 – Lappy Frisbee

Remember that Frisbee post we did? Ahhh, it sure was nice taking a break from the grind to play a little lappy Frisbee!

Unfortunately, it was only fun for one toss… Then we got scared. And yes, we got this amazing picture on our FIRST TRY! Amazing right? So… What do you think about this picture? Did you like it, hate it or would you change something? Let us know and be honest.

5 thoughts on “Reminisce #1 – Lappy Frisbee

  1. This is a scary picture! What if one of you had missed? Next time please do your tossing over a safety net! Oh my, I just can’t bear to see this again or I might faint.

  2. Love the picture but hope the guy caught it in his hands and not in his teeth. Ouch!

  3. @Pinky – I didn’t miss, nor would I allow something like that to happen!

    @Janet – I’ve still got all my teeth! Thanks for the concern.

  4. Very easy for me to relate to this Laplink Lappy frisbee Toss because I am an avid Disc golfer.
    It just a lot of Fun to Play !
    & So is your Famous Laptop Giveaway !

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