Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Do you think you won?

Have you been holding your breath wondering if you’ll be one of the lucky two to win a BODACIOUS Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop? Well, soon you’ll be able to breathe again because we will be selecting the TWO winners NEXT WEEK!!! And we are giving you not one but TWO gifts this lovely Friday morning.

  1. We are EXTENDING the contest ONE more day! It will now end at 11:59 pm PT on Monday, Nov. 15th. I know I know you want to win NOW, but this gives you one more day to get as many entries into the contest as you can, so don’t be lazy because it is your LAST chance.
  2. Check this out! We are offering you $10 off Laplink DiskImage™ ($39.95 regularly) with code: ContestDI2010 until Sunday night at 11:59 pm PT so you can use it and tell us what you think

So… Do you think you’ll win? Have you been obsessing over this for the past month, I know some of you have…

27 thoughts on “Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Do you think you won?

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Thinkpad – Go Laplink!!!! Go LaplinkGold!!!
    Hope to spread the word.

  2. Checking out the site and sharing on Facebook and twitter @Dutchbrosluv now I am holding your breath wondering! ♥

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  4. Naw, I have been living in a dream world. Never won anything before, why now? Remember Lenny, I love you, it was a great ride and I will never forget the times we shared!

  5. A little obsessed, but I don’t expect to win. Having fun though and learned a lot about your products on the way. :-)

  6. So… I did mention I’m local and know where you offices are right? It would be SUPER easy for me to swing by and pick it up. You could same $$ on shipping. Win win.

  7. i need somethink to do the thinking for me..#ContestDI2010 #Laplink i love hashtags cant you tell. @MCJunkie

  8. Only to be blessed to win @Dutchbrosluv Laplink! My 14 year old son would love for Christmas, then more fighting over computer too! :)

  9. I want to win a good computer so badly!!
    My teeth hurt!
    Also I got a really bad sliver under my thumbnail, can I get a sympathy win?

  10. Sorry if we dashed all your hope… Thanks for participating everyone! We are planning another contest, stay tuned!!

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