Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Laplink Test #23 I’m comin’ back!

Jealous of your friend’s rearview camera on their car? Be jealous no more. Use the crisp webcam to see behind you, no more crinks in your neck from turning around to see behind you. And who likes to use rear-view mirrors anyway? We tested it and it is LAPLINK APPROVED, well kind of*!

*Is this safe, what do you think? (the answer is no friggin’ way!)

Keep those test suggestions comin’, you can still get 5 EXTRA entries if we pick yours!

9 thoughts on “Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Laplink Test #23 I’m comin’ back!

  1. Does will it wipe up the coffee I spill, while trying to sit at my desk and not step on my dog?

  2. Safe in which way? The shouldn’t drive this way, or here have my laptop as I hold it out the window for you way?

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