Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Test #44

Yep, we tested it. Unfortunately we found that when you put the ThinkPad on your head, it doesn’t actually help you think. But it does lots of other awesome stuff! If you win, what will you do with it?

Anything else you want us to test? We will pick the top 3 suggestions and see if they work, if yours is chosen you will get 5 EXTRA ENTRIES into the contest! You have until next Wednesday, Oct. 27th.  GO!

9 thoughts on “Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Test #44

  1. I won’t put it on my head, that’s for sure. I would be using PCmover to transfer all my old desktop’s info first, and then I will be giving my desktop to my sister. I would like to be mobile and desktops are a bit bulky to tote around.
    How about playing some games on it and see how it does?

  2. Does it include photo software? Maybe you could try that out. Use the photo with it on your head. Try to be creative and see what you come up with. :)

  3. Whatever photo software that’s on the laptop. I was just trying to get you to develop your creative side. ;)

  4. If I won the laptop, it would be my bes friend through the next 5 years of college. It would go with me to every class, job, outing, etc.

  5. I think that a ThinkPad shold have the ability to fit inside a kitchen drawer (to hide from potential thieves!)

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