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So by now you have heard all this hype about some mysterious Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptops that we are giving away next month. Now is the time to give you more information on these amazing machines. We have been testing one of them out since we got them and here is a small list of some of our Favorite features.

Neil (Marketing Manager)

  • New keyboard style
    • This makes typing on the keyboard really comfortable, and I am not constantly pressing the wrong keys.
  • Screen resolution
    • The resolution of the screen is great! I don’t have to squint to see small print.
  • Durability
    • I feel like I could throw it across the room and still work on it. (I might test this, stay tuned for a video of the test.)

Josh (Marketing Analyst)

  • WiMax
    • This feature shows the proximity of wireless networks and the strengths of each one.
      • Makes it really easy to select the best one to use.
  • Battery Life
    • It seemed like the battery lasted FOREVER!
  • Multi-touch pad
    • The 2 finger scrolling and pinch zoom worked great.

Ralf (Graphic Designer)

  • Lightweight
    • It was like carrying around a feather!
  • Boot-up speed
    • I like that I didn’t have to wait a long time for it to boot up; everything is up in under a minute.
  • Open screen to lay flat
    • I think it is cool that you can open the screen so much that it will lay flat. Don’t know how or when I would use it, but I think it is cool none the less.

Andy (PR & Marketing)

  • ThinkVantage
    • This built in tool has:
      • Password Vault
      • Easy location for updates and driver downloads
      • Power Manager
      • Airbag protection: Protects the hard drive when dropped etc.
  • 3 USB slots and HDMI!!!
  • The laptop comes with Windows 7 Professional, not Home.
    • This means that you can use Media Center to record TV and have a central location for all of your favorite multimedia content.

These are some of the features that we like most about these SWEET laptops! What do YOU think? Sound like something you wouldn’t mind winning for FREE??

2 thoughts on “A Closer Look…

  1. I must admit, even though I work at Laplink, these Laptops are really sweet! I wish I could win one!

  2. The fact that they have Win 7 Pro is also a nice upgrade. I recently upgraded to that on my desktop. I replaced VISTA, wow what a difference.

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