A Nibble…

Some of you have heard that we are giving away a couple NEW Lenovo ThinkPad Edges. Well you heard right and the contest is running next month! Below is a small nibble, to last you the weekend, of what will be going on:

The laptop giveaway will be a raffle of sorts. First, you enter the raffle by liking us on Facebook  AND following us on Twitter (Get step one out of the way NOW by clicking the appropriate links in the sidebar –>) When the contest begins (Oct. 18th) you get entries or “tickets” in the raffle by mentioning the below words on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, etc.

  • Laplink
  • PCmover
  • PCsync
  • DiskImage
  • SafeErase
  • Laplink Defrag
  • Laplink Everywhere

We will be using this really cool tool from a company called Radian6 to monitor those keywords on the world wide web!!!

Other qualified “tickets” include:

  • Tweeting us using @laplink
  • Retweeting one of our tweets
  • Commenting on blogs using those words

The more you communicate with or about us the better chance you have to WIN! Contestants will then be…

Sorry, that’s all for now, STAY TUNED!!!

P.S. – You better hurry, the boss just took one home to play with and I don’t know if he’ll bring it back!

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