What’s Taking So Long?

Is this you?

You have been an avid PC user for years, but decided it was time to see what all the Mac hype is about. After the purchase you got it all set up, turned it on, and instantly felt lost. You looked at your PC wondering, “How can I ever use my Mac? Everything I need is on my PC…” So you turned the Mac of, and went back to work on your PC.

My guess is that with many PC to Mac “converts” it takes a significant amount of time to make the jump because who has the time to manually transfer all of your data over? And we all know how lame it is when you buy something and it takes a long time before you can really enjoy it.

Well PC to Mac converts, worry no more. We just released Laplink Switch & Sync™ “The Easiest Way to Switch & Sync from PC to Mac!”

With Laplink Switch & Sync, moving from PC to Mac is simple. Just install the software on both machines, connect them, follow the easy-to-use wizard and all of your files, folders, contacts, emails and calendars will be automatically converted and moved from your PC to your Mac. Yes, I said it, even emails, contacts and calendars! Switch & Sync works with Windows Mail, Outlook 200 and later and Outlook Express 6 and later to convert all of your data over to a Mac email platform such as Apple Mail and Entourage. This is a feature you can’t find elsewhere!

I know what you are thinking, “But I still want to keep my PC and use them both.” I am two steps ahead of you. Switch & Sync not only helps you MOVE from PC to Mac, it will also sync the computers together so you can use them in tandem.

Switch & Sync offers a number of synchronization options, so both of your computers stay up-to-date. Use the automated file sync feature to automatically synchronize your files and folders daily, weekly or monthly between the two computers. Or, use Laplink’s classic dual-pane window to drag and drop files from one computer to the other. Our sync processes use SpeedSync®, Laplink patented technology, and SmartXchange Synchronization.

SpeedSync dramatically reduces the transfer times of modified data. It does this by only syncing the changed portions of files, which allows for fast synchronizations. SmartXChange will recognize when files have been deleted, renamed or replaced with streamlines the entire process.

Now that you know Switch & Sync is out there, dust off that unused Mac, hook it up to your PC and get going!

Learn more about the software and how to buy HERE!

3 thoughts on “What’s Taking So Long?

  1. The switchover program is great but now what do you do when you want to sync between two macs? I now use only mac computers and need the same program as I had with PC sync.

  2. Ken,

    We currently have Mac-Mac sync functionality in the works. Stay tuned here for more details as they become available!

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