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Laplink has solved another major problem that technology advancements have created, it goes by the name of PCmover Image Assistant, and we just released it. To date disk imaging software has fallen short. As technology has advanced, more operating systems (Including Windows 7) have arrived. When Windows 7 was released and integrated into nearly every new PC on the market, everyone’s old disk images were rendered useless. This is because if you use imaging software to restore say an XP image to a Windows 7 PC, the software will overwrite your new OS with the old one making your purchase a complete waste of money (Who wants to explain that to their spouse?…). Not to mention, you have now lost all of your programs, files and settings on the new PC. PCmover Image Assistant solves this dilemma and will calm the worries of many PC users.

The software has two key abilities that cannot be found elsewhere. First is what we call Operating System Independent Restore (say what?). Second, it will rescue your hard drive from a non-working PC. Let’s talk about the Operating System Independent Restore first shall we as it sounds the most confusing (but I assure you that it’s not)?

All computer users need an image or complete backup of their computer. PCs get stolen, lit on fire and get run over every day and yours could be next. Creating an image protects you against these unforeseen data loss scenarios. However if you try to restore an XP image to a Windows 7 PC, your new OS will be overwritten by the old one. Using PCmover Image Assistant you can restore XP images to a new Windows 7 PC without overwriting it. All you do is mount your XP image to your new Windows 7 PC and use PCmover Image Assistant to suck out and restore the programs, files and settings you want. Not quite as confusing as you first thought eh? There is one caveat though; the programs you wish to restore must be compatible with Windows 7. If you happen to be running Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise you’re in luck, you have XP mode. That way you can still run programs that aren’t compatible on your new PC. Sorry Home Premium users, that feature is not available to you, so take extra care in checking for Windows 7 compatibility.

PCmover Image Assistant will also rescue a hard drive from a non-working PC. We are human, by nature we can’t predict the future, and PCs ultimately decide when they want to turn against us. We also never know when a catastrophe will strike. Thanks to the advancements in hard drive technology, when a PC crashes the hard drive is usually still readable. Even if the OS has been corrupted and will no longer boot, PCmover Image Assistant can access its programs, files and settings and restore them. All you have to do is attach the hard drive to your PC and Image Assistant will do the rest. Just make sure to keep your drives away from large animals, they have a tendency to step on things.

These two abilities qualify PCmover Image Assistant as the ultimate PC recovery tool aka Hard Drive Hero. No longer are your past, present and future disk images rendered useless and your hard drives will live forever. And it’s really something you can’t afford to miss out on, unless that is,  you want to lose all of your data.

Sounds pretty cool huh? We think so too. Leave a comment and tell us what you think about it and we will email you a coupon code good for 25% off Image Assistant.  (Must add a valid email address to the comment. Offer Expires 6/9/10)

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  1. Well David, Microsoft can’t do everything! Were you surprised to read about how imaging software has fallen short to this point? What disk imaging software do you use? You will receive a coupon code shortly.

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