Comparison Series – PCmover vs. Windows Easy Transfer

We get tons of questions about how PCmover compares to other utilities out there and so we are starting a comparison series. The first in the series is PCmover vs. Windows Easy Transfer.

PCmove VS. Windows Easy Transfer

In comparison to PCmover Professional, Windows Easy Transfer (WET) provides an incomplete migration experience and does not transfer everything you need from your old PC.

WET is a migration utility that can be downloaded for XP and is available on Vista and Windows 7. With this tool, users can move limited types of files and settings stored on their computers. It provides an incomplete migration experience as it can only transfer certain Windows settings and data files.

PCmover is a complete and precise migration utility. It allows users to move entire applications, documents, settings, user profiles and folders. Through a step-by-step easy to use migration wizard, PCmover will automatically move your entire “PC personality” from one computer to another. PCmover will not affect the source computer and will only copy what the user wants from the source PC. If you forget to move something over, go back and undo the migration and bring over everything you want.

PCmover also has compatibility with all Windows based operating systems back to Windows 95. For example, PCmover provides an upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7. It can migrate from 32-bit operating systems to 64-bit operating systems.

Allowing PCmover to move all your applications documents, settings, user profiles and folders will save you time and money.

Features PCmover Professional Windows Easy Transfer
Migrates Applications Yes No
Migrates all PC user profiles at once Yes No
Migrates Settings Yes Yes (limited)
Multiple Connectivity Options Yes Yes
“Undo Migration” feature Yes No
Application Selectivity Yes No
Migrates files and data Yes Yes
Supports direct upgrade path from XP to Windows 7 (both in-place and PC-to-PC upgrades) Yes No

UPDATE (01/2014): With the release of Windows 8.1, Windows Easy Transfer now only transfers files and requires the user to manually transfer them using a USB or external hard drive. See the full update in our blog post here.

7 thoughts on “Comparison Series – PCmover vs. Windows Easy Transfer

  1. I haven’t tried PC Mover, but I have tried MS easy transfer. It was a terrible experience. Here are the issues:
    1). direct transfer USB cable didn’t work. Had to use the network.
    2). I keep a folder of downloaded install setup exe files. It was only partially moved. The easy transfer program didn’t move any exe files so I had to completely redo this.
    3). I had my own font folders created on XP in C:\WINNT. They weren’t moved.
    4). Didn’t move my custom dictionary. I had to find by hand on XP, find where to put it in Win7, and move it by hand.
    5). Easy transfer put my MS Outlook .pst files in the wrong default directory for MS Outlook 2010. I had to go and find it.
    6). Of course no Firefox browser settings nor favorites were copied over.
    7). No programs whatsoever were moved. I have been reinstalling and updating for more than a week now.
    8). To top it off, when done, the Microsoft easy transfer showed me a listing of all items moved/copied and their old and new directory locations. It gave me the option to save it for later. I did. But when opening the file in Excel to sort through the above problems, all the Move To location paths were missing!!! (Insert your own curse words here.)
    My conclusion: I don’t know if PC Mover would do a better job, but I hope my bad experience with the Microsoft solution will convince you to try something else.

  2. I recently purchased a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit and transferred my files from a computer running Windows XP 32 bit. So, I purchased PCMover software. It did a good job of moving all of my data and systems, but, there were 2 issues regarding my programs: (1) PCMover automatically renamed the data folder to distinguish between old (32 bit) and new (64 bit) programs. Unfortunately, that meant that my programs could not find the data files, I had to go into every program and re-link the data files; (2) More importantly, most of my programs would not run on the new computer. It appears that any program that originally offered the option of 32 bit or 64 bit installation will not run in 32 bit mode on 64 bit Windows 7, so transferring them in 32 bit mode through PCMover does not work. I had to delete and re-install all of those programs for them to run properly on Win 7.

    PCMover should offer the user the opportunity to select whether to transfer programs and data or just data files. I waited for 6 hours for PCMover to move everything, which included a lot of program files that I then had to spend another 4 hours re-installing anyway. If I cold have selected to transfer only data and system files, the transfer would have taken much less time.

  3. Hi Tom, an update for you.

  4. PCmover gives you the option to migrate just data and system files. You set that up on the old computer when you choose what you want to move over.
  5. I am going to pass your email along to our tech support and they will contact you to see what went wrong with the programs. It should have worked fine and we would like to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.
  6. Thanks again for reaching out.

  7. Ok from reading about pc mover, I understand that one can in anticipation of receiving a
    new computer, one can store a ‘migrated app’ on a server for when the new pc arrives.

    What I need to know is – will this stored app by being ‘migrated’ to the interim storage
    medium, in this case a server, will the app be uninstalled on the existing computer or
    be rendered unrunnable in any manner??

  8. I like pc mover, it worked great but it took a lot of time.
    I did have one problem, I had a 32 bit version of Neat Receipt scanner software on my old machine it transfered over to my new 64 bit machine but the scanner does not work on my new machine.
    I can’t even remove the software and drivers with Windows ADD & Remove.
    I tried over and over to remove the software and drivers from my new machine but it would not go away. I know PC mover can undo but can it undo ONLY the programs that I have trouble with and leave the other stuff alone? Please help…

  9. I like PCMover because of the following reasons:
    • Move applications
    • Transfer your entire “PC personality” including your entire Outlook identity and Word settings
    • Migrate to/from operating systems not supported by WET
    • Easy to use migration wizard process.

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